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The Code of Virginia § 20-96 states that divorce and annulments for Virginia residents are handled by a Circuit Court. If you are a current Virginia resident and have been so for at least six (6) months prior to the date of filing, you may file in the Circuit Court for the city or county in which you live. If you live in Reston, Virginia, you should file in the Fairfax County Circuit Court. Note there are requirements in addition to residency that must be met in order to file for divorce or annulment.  A Reston Divorce Attorney can advise whether your case is ready for filing.

Services Provided by Reston Divorce Attorney

The Law Office of Afsana Chowdhury, PLC, has years of experience successfully advocating on behalf of Reston, Virginia clients during the divorce process. We provide the expertise needed to navigate the applicable laws and local court rules related to all aspects of divorce, including property division, child custody, and support.

Some of the areas we specialize in include:

Uncontested Divorce

When emotions are high, resolving property and support matters can be overwhelming and burdensome without effective legal counsel. We advocate and negotiate with our client’s goals in mind so that an uncontested divorce is possible.

Contested Divorce

If an amicable divorce cannot be negotiated, the decision-making is in the court’s hands. We represent clients as they move through a contested divorce and ensure their goals are heard at court hearings.

Separation Agreements

We help clients understand what separation means to Reston, Virginia residents, and how to become and remain separated. We also assist in negotiating and drafting a separation agreement that is in our client’s best interest. 


Some spouses choose an annulment rather than divorce. Like divorce, there are legal requirements couples must adhere to in order to be awarded an annulment. We explain to our clients their rights during the process of annulment and develop custody and child-care agreements, if applicable. 

Military Divorce

The division of military retirement accounts and other benefits is a complicated process often involving contact with federal agencies such as OPM and DFAS. As a leading military divorce law firm, we understand how to navigate the issues and red tape often confronted by military spouses.

Property and Asset Division

Dividing property such as real estate, investment accounts, and retirement benefits can be contentious. We proficiently negotiate a fair and equitable distribution of marital property looking out for your current and future welfare.

Spousal Support

We help our clients negotiate alimony agreements and ensure fair spousal support when applicable.

Child Custody and Support

Adding children into the mix complicates the legal process. We help you draft agreements in the child’s or children’s best interests that will be accepted by the court.

Marital Agreements

We can help our clients prepare prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that will be effective in case of a future divorce.

You can learn more about the divorce process here from this Virginia Bar brochure. 

Why is it Worth It to Hire a Divorce Attorney?

Just as every family is unique, so is every divorce. What might have been beneficial in your best friend’s divorce may not be in yours.  The custody and visitation plan created for your brother’s teenagers may not work for your special needs children. You should not rely on the advice of well-meaning friends and family to navigate divorce. Doing so may cause more headaches and expense down the road. Hire a Reston Divorce Attorney with proven experience assisting Reston residents navigate the court rules.

The Law Office of Afsana Chowdhury, PLC, has extensive experience with the Fairfax County Circuit Court, which is the court serving Reston residents. We will create a fair and equitable plan that fits your family and meets the legal requirements of the Circuit Court. Our flat-fee pricing schedule for uncontested AND contested divorce is transparent and eliminates much of the anxiety surrounding the cost of divorce.

How Do I Choose a Good Divorce Attorney?

Choosing a trustworthy and competent Reston Divorce Attorney should not add to the stress of a looming divorce. To find a Reston Divorce Attorney with reputable family law experience in the Fairfax County Circuit Court, search impartial third-party organizations such as the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys and the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys for attorneys awarded accolades for their performance and reputation.  You can also look for reviews by former clients and opposing counsel on sites such as Avvo, Google Reviews, and Justia.

Once you find a prospective Reston Divorce Attorney, contact their office and schedule a consultation. The consultation allows you to get a feel for the attorney’s personality and to evaluate whether the attorney can provide the services you need within your budget.  Unfortunately, traditional law firms that bill by time have difficulty estimating the cost of their services. They have no way of knowing how many emails and phone calls will be exchanged while advocating for you.  Hiring a firm that uses flat-fee pricing makes sense. No matter how many calls, emails, and tasks there are, you pay no more than the flat fee.

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Allow the experience and expertise of a Reston Divorce Attorney to ease the burden of divorce and advocate on your behalf. Schedule a consultation with the Law Office of Afsana Chowdhury, PLC, a recognized leader in Reston divorce, to discover how we can provide you with effective customized legal representation at flat-fee pricing. Call 703-782-4360 or reach us here by clicking here.

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