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How to Find the Right Divorce Attorney Near You

  • Afsana Chowdhury

Once the decision is made to divorce, there is a lot of work to do to make it happen. You need to have the proper legal counsel on your side to ensure the process unfolds smoothly. Divorce should not be viewed as an ending but rather as a way to create the foundation for your future. As such, it’s critical to find a divorce attorney near you that you trust, one that’s compassionate and understanding and one that’s highly experienced.

At the Law Office of Afsana Chowdhury, we recognize the importance of providing the very best legal services and support to our clients. Without a doubt, you will find yourself with many questions. We’ll be here to answer them. When there are legal challenges or emotionally overwhelming events, you know you can rely on us to get you through it.

Here’s what to think about when finding the right divorce attorney for you.

Find a Divorce Attorney Near You That Primarily Focuses on Divorce

One of the most important decisions to make when contemplating divorce is to hire a divorce attorney. Look for a professional that focuses their practice on divorce and family law. There are a few key reasons why this can be helpful to you:

  • They know the divorce laws and court rules well. This ensures they can help you with even the most complex of cases.
  • Your attorney will be able to develop a strategy that helps you achieve the best possible outcome in your legal situation. They have the experience of other cases to rely on.
  • A divorce attorney near you that’s respected and has a solid reputation in this field will be treated well by the courts and opposing counsel and will provide you with exceptional attention to your needs.
  • Filing for divorce is a complex area of the law, even if it seems like a straightforward process. Beyond a doubt, you want an attorney that understands what you’re facing going forward. An attorney with a practice focused on divorce makes a huge difference.

Learn the Divorce Attorney’s Fee Structure

Before selecting a divorce attorney, know their fees. Look for a divorce attorney near you that makes their fees clear to you during your consultation. You do not want to head into this legal process without a solid understanding of what’s to come financially.

At the Law Office of Afsana Chowdhury, we make the fee structure as easy as possible for you. Instead of charging you an hourly rate, we provide you with a flat fee for the service. That means that no matter how many hours we need to work on your case, you will not be charged beyond the flat fee. Thus, you do not have to worry about surprise fees that happen later.

When you set up a consultation at the Law Office of Afsana Chowdhury, we will ensure you understand the entire legal process, what you can expect from us, and what the costs will be. Every attorney should be able to provide this information to you upfront once they learn more about your needs.

Determine the Divorce Attorney’s Experience and Credentials

It’s always important for you to know what to expect from the attorney you are working with, and a portion of that comes from ensuring you understand their experience and credentials. A good place to start is by looking up the attorney’s legal license through the Virginia State Bar’s Lawyer Directory. This allows you to verify that the attorney is licensed and an active member.

Next, gather information about the attorney’s experience. What types of cases have they handled? In what areas are they experienced? For example, if you have a high net worth, you need an attorney who has the ability to navigate those more complicated issues. If you are looking for an attorney to help with child custody matters, be sure they have ample experience in this area.

Gather Testimonials from Previous Clients

As you consider a divorce attorney near you, read the testimonials of their previous clients. Testimonials are by far one of the best ways to gauge how well an attorney will support you through this process. Look for details within those testimonials, such as:

  • A compassionate and caring approach
  • Timely in responding to clients
  • Understanding and being supportive of one’s concerns and needs
  • Clear pricing and information

You should feel good about the attorney you hire. Testimonials give you some idea of what to expect.

Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney Near You When Considering Their Services

When interviewing an attorney, there are a few key questions to ask:

  • How many divorce cases do you handle each year?
  • Do you provide help for divorces with complex matters, such as military or federal retirement or investments?
  • What is the cost of the service?
  • Do you know my spouse or my spouse’s attorney?
  • What can I expect in terms of timeframes for filing a divorce?
  • What are the options I have for my particular situation?
  • What is the process to work with you?

Ask any questions you have. The more information you have, the more confident you can feel about your future. This person is going to support you as you create that future, after all.

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