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How to Get a Quick and Easy Divorce in Virginia

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Is a quick and easy divorce an option in Virginia? The answer is yes. Without a doubt, a divorce is a serious change in your life and must be taken seriously. Yet, there are times when the process is fast and can be an easy decision for you and your spouse. At The Law Office of Afsana Chowdhury, PLC, our team is ready to help facilitate this by offering a comprehensive service that is designed to provide you with the most transparent process possible. We protect your rights and move the process along as quickly as possible.

When Is a Quick and Easy Divorce Possible?

Making the decision to file for divorce should come from a place of careful consideration. There are times when both individuals agree to the divorce and want to move forward with their lives. For example, you may have married someone in haste, and it has not turned out well. You may have been married for a very short amount of time.

There are some situations where this may be ideal:

  • You have separate assets
  • If you have children together, you agree on the terms
  • You’re older, and both agree to simply split
  • The marriage was in legal terms only
  • Both parties recognize the benefits of the divorce

There are many situations where a divorce can be completed quickly. The key is to ensure that your rights are protected throughout that legal process, no matter how much you just want it to be over.

How to Make an Amicable Divorce Happen

The easiest way to have a quick and easy divorce is to have an uncontested or amicable divorce. This simply means that both parties in the marriage agree to the divorce and want to move forward with it. At the same time, both individuals are able to come together to make decisions about the divorce together. How can this happen? Here are some key factors to consider.

  • Make property decisions fairly. Determine the value of assets that you plan to keep instead of selling. Be sure to split the assets based on value. Work through these decisions together when possible.
  • Agree on child custody decisions with your child’s outcome in mind. Try to make decisions about child custody and visitation based on what is fair to your child. That may include ensuring they don’t have to change schools, could remain in the home they know or have the same relationship they have with each spouse.
  • Be open with your spouse about your needs. That may include discussing your decisions about property but also decisions related to time spent with children. Keep the lines of communication open.
  • Avoid the topic of fault. One of the biggest problems in an amicable divorce occurs when parties focus on fault. If you can agree that the marriage failed due to both of your actions or neither of your actions, then fault does not have to play a role in this process.
  • Work with an attorney. Even in a case like this, it is best to have an amicable divorce attorney available to help you. That helps ensure your rights are protected throughout this process.

Let The Law Office of Afsana Chowdhury, PLC help you by providing key information about your legal options and support you in the process.

Unsure if an amicable divorce is possible?

You may want a quick and easy divorce, but your spouse may not be willing to make decisions fairly. Under Virginia law, only one person has to file divorce documents. However, if your partner does not agree to the terms included in that document, it may still be contested. That could drag out the process longer.

In situations like this, it may be necessary to come to an agreement with your soon-to-be-ex that they will agree to in order to allow the divorce to move forward. Keep in mind that your divorce attorney will work carefully with you to ensure your rights to assets and financial support are met. Our goal is to support your best outcome and negotiate a fair settlement for you.


Is a quick and easy divorce possible for you? It could be if you allow our team to help you. Here are a few common questions.

Is divorce easier if you both agree?

The simple answer is yes. When you can both agree to divorce and agree to the underlying conditions of that divorce, the process is faster, more transparent, and more agreeable. You may find there is less arguing and more understanding in the process. It is possible to divorce your spouse and not hate each other.

Will my prenuptial agreement make my divorce easier?

It could depend on what is included and if it matches Virginia law. In most cases, it will outline what should happen if the divorce occurs. Let the team at The Law Office of Afsana Chowdhury, PLC help you to get a better understanding of what your rights are. We can help you to make decisions regarding your case.

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Let Our Team Help You with a Quick and Easy Divorce

At The Law Office of Afsana Chowdhury, PLC, we understand you are ready to move forward with your life. No matter why your divorce is happening, you may be anxious and simply set on moving the process ahead sooner. It is possible to complete a divorce quickly in Virginia, and we can help you.

We charge a flat fee for divorce services. That means we are not motivated to drag out your case by charging an hourly rate. Rather, our goal is to help you to complete your divorce in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Allow The Law Office of Afsana Chowdhury, PLC, to be there for you.

We provide comprehensive divorce services, including no-fault divorces throughout Virginia. We focus on Northern Virginia, including Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, Arlington, and Alexandria. If you are ready to learn more about your legal options, contact us today to get the process started.

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