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How To Have a Smooth Divorce

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With the national divorce rate in the United States hovering at roughly 50%, it makes sense that more and more couples are prioritizing swiftness and harmony during their divorce. While the process of divorce can be stressful and daunting, it does not have to be hostile. It is possible to divorce amicably, but how do couples achieve this in practice? As such, it is common to wonder precisely how to have a smooth divorce in Virginia. 

As leading divorce attorneys in Fairfax, Virginia, the Law Office of Afsana Chowdhury understands how to facilitate a healthy and peaceful divorce. Through skillful negotiation and careful legal planning, we are better able to achieve smooth, efficient separation for our clients. You do not need to move through the process of divorce alone. Consider contacting an experienced attorney at 703-782-4360 to learn how to have a smooth divorce with the Law Office of Afsana Chowdhury. 

How Can I Prepare for a Smooth Divorce?

One of the key components of obtaining a smooth and peaceful divorce is preparation. Being prepared for the process is imperative and can help reduce the burden involved in separating your personal and financial affairs. Divorce, at its core, involves the division of property and the organization of personal matters like child custody or visitation. Preparing for these matters in advance can help make the process more efficient.

Regarding how to have a smooth divorce, some of the documents that you may want to prepare in advance include:

  • Shared assets: Prepare a list of all joint assets including vehicles, bank accounts, retirement accounts, or real estate. Try to be as detailed and accurate as possible with this information. Full financial disclosure is a necessary part of the divorce process, so preparing these documents in advance can help save time and stress down the road.
  • Debts: Over the course of a marriage, many spouses accrue shared debt in the form of mortgages, retirement loans, medical debts or student loans, for example. Gather relevant documentation regarding such debt.
  • Tax returns: Collect all joint tax returns over the past five to ten years, if possible.
  • Retirement plans: Be sure to compile information regarding retirement or pension accounts that either you or your spouse contributed to during the marriage

In addition, be sure that both spouses have the necessary log-in information to access any shared online accounts. Please note that you should not move any money or assets into an individual account until the court approves such measures, as doing so can impact the divorce. In the same vein, do not hide any money or assets from your spouse. Being secretive can impede the smoothness of divorce. 

What Can I Do to Have a Smooth Divorce?

As experienced divorce attorneys, we have seen patterns of behavior that greatly impact the smoothness of a separation. Despite the rapport between you and your spouse, it is important to consider the following when seeking a peaceful divorce:

  • Respect your spouse during the process. Divorce is not easy on either party but maintaining respect can help ensure that the separation remains amicable and smooth. 
  • If children are involved, consider what is ideal for them. The presence of children often complicates a divorce, and it is important to consider custody and visitation arrangements with your spouse in advance. Children are often the reason why divorcing spouses experience legal disputes during the process. Prioritizing the outcome for any children involved can redirect the focus away from spousal disagreements and onto their needs, which can foster compromise.
  • Avoid the need for litigation. Going to court to settle disputes is a major reason why the divorce process can become burdensome or time-consuming. Answering the question of how to have a smooth divorce rests in the ability to avoid litigation. 
  • Consider working with a divorce attorney who is experienced in amicable divorces. Selecting the proper divorce attorney is crucial, as some lawyers may prolong the divorce process for monetary reasons. Research experienced amicable divorce lawyers in your area and ask them questions before you move forward with their counsel. 

Having a smooth and peaceful divorce is possible, but it requires compromise. If both parties can put aside their differences and prioritize their mutual wellbeing and the wellbeing of their children, the burden of divorce can be mitigated. 

Consider Contacting the Law Office of Afsana Chowdhury To Learn How To Have A Smooth Divorce

At the Law Office of Afsana Chowdhury, we acknowledge the importance of having a smooth and peaceful divorce. Achieving an amicable divorce can save valuable time and money, which is crucial for many couples. If you or a loved one is seeking separation from their partner and is wondering how to have a smooth divorce, consider contacting us at 703-782-4360 to learn more today. 

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