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Going through a divorce is emotionally challenging. At the Law Office of Afsana Chowdhury, we understand that the financial, emotional, and psychological difficulties associated with a divorce are often top of mind for our clients, which is why we focus on handling all of the legal aspects of the divorce process. We remain committed to supporting our clients through what is usually one of the hardest periods of their life by helping them handle the mountains of paperwork associated with filing for divorce, dividing assets, and reaching a child custody agreement, among many other aspects. If you are going through a divorce in Arlington, Virginia, trust the Law Office of Afsana Chowdhury to handle your case diligently and compassionately. Attorney Chowdhury is a top-rated Arlington divorce divorce with years of experience in many facets of family law. Call today at 703-782-4273 to set up a case evaluation.

Finding an Established Arlington Divorce Attorney

Choosing an attorney should not be the most difficult part of your divorce. Although there are many family lawyers out there, it is important to look for certain characteristics when choosing a divorce attorney.

Strong Communicator

When you are going through a divorce, whether it is contested or uncontested, you should have an attorney by your side who is a strong communicator. Not only is it important that your attorney be able to keep you informed at every stage of the divorce proceeding, but it is equally important that they be competent when communicating with judges, your spouse’s attorney, witnesses, and all of the other parties who will likely be involved in the process. When you read reviews about a divorce attorney, look out for testimonials that rave about the attorney’s ability to quickly and clearly respond to questions. At the end of the day, you are the client, and your attorney is there to serve you.

Top Ratings

There are certain organizations that award ratings to attorneys based on their performance and reputation. The American Institute of Family Law Attorneys recognized Afsana Chowdhury as a top attorney, and the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys designated her as one of the Top 10 Attorneys Under 40. These awards place Arlington divorce Attorney Afsana Chowdhury among the top-rated family lawyers in Arlington County.

Reasonable Divorce Flat Fee Services

One of the reasons divorces have the reputation of being expensive is that divorce lawyers typically charge by the hour. The Law Office of Afsana Chowdhury does not want to take advantage of people during their most vulnerable times, which is why we offer flat fees. Unlike most firms, which charge by the minute, we charge our clients only for the service we perform. This means that our clients do not need to be afraid of a surprising bill at the end of their case. Rather, they know how much the service will cost at the outset of the representation. We believe this allows our clients to communicate freely and feel confident that the price they expect is the price they will be charged.

Creativity and Efficiency

Because we offer a flat fee, our office is incentivized to try to resolve divorces as efficiently as possible, which is often in everybody’s best interest. When possible, we work with our clients to identify no-court solutions and reach equitable agreements that satisfy both parties. The worst-case scenario is when divorces drag on for a long time, and one or both parties end up unsatisfied. We work closely with our clients to understand their objectives and achieve the most efficient solution to their goals.

Alternatives to an Arlington Divorce

Divorce is not right for all couples. In Virginia, there are a few alternatives to getting divorced. Speaking with an experienced family lawyer can help you identify which option fits your needs.


Legal separation is not recognized in Virginia, as it is in some other states. A married couple that no longer wants to live together can choose to live “separate and apart” from each other. The couple can choose whether or not they want to execute a separation agreement. A separation agreement is not mandatory, but it may be a good option for couples who want to put in writing how they will divide their marital responsibilities, finances, and child custody during the separation, along with any other terms permitted by law. After six months of separation (or twelve months, if there are minor children), a couple can file for a no-fault divorce on the grounds of separation. It is important to note that a separated couple is still legally married, so if you are considering remarrying, a separation might not be right for you.

Divorce from Bed and Board

A divorce from bed and board is a cross between a separation and a legal divorce. When a spouse has grounds for a divorce, such as desertion, abandonment, or cruelty, then they may file for a divorce from bed and board. This type of separation is like a partial divorce. The court may intervene and order a division of assets, spousal support, and child custody, for example, but the couple remains legally married.

Child Custody Obstacles in Arlington Divorces

There are a few significant issues that can crop up when filing for child custody. First, a couple cannot file for child custody as long as they are still living in an intact family unit – in other words, if the couple is still cohabitating under the same roof, they are likely not in a position to petition the court for child custody.

Second, when determining child custody arrangements after a divorce, a court must consider the child’s best interests. Generally, courts try to ensure children have a relationship with both parents. The court will typically try to minimize the disruption on the child’s home and routine, meaning it would consider factors like where the child currently lives, who currently provides most of the child care, and which parent would be able to dedicate the care and attention needed to suit the child’s needs.

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